Thursday, April 5, 2012

Judging from my lack of blog posts, it appears I have dropped off the face of the earth.  Not so!  Wedding stuff is all consuming and on top of that I've decided to train for the Scotia Half Marathon which I will be running to commemorate my 35th Birthday in June.  
So what else has been going on?  Not a hell of a lot.

Ellery and I started a wedding blog which we're trying to update without giving too much away.

We're trying to re-organize the apartment so that everything is nice and neat for when we start our "official" married life together.

I'm training Nugget to run the kids SunRun and the Starbucks Run for Women.  It's become our mother-daughter bonding time.  She wants to eventually get to the point where she can run with me, Ellery and Jenn and be what she called "the super healthy running family".

And I sent my first ever submission to the Carded show.  This is it.

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