Monday, August 22, 2011

Nugget's Gleeky 10th Birthday

My sweet Baby Nugget turned 10 years old on Saturday. Each year she starts planning her next birthday right after the last birthday party and by the time her birthday comes, she's changed her mind a billion times about what she wants to do. The themes for her 10th birthday went back and forth from 80's to Mad Hatter's Tea Party to Glee several times. A month before her birthday she decided on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and I made a reservation for high tea at the Urban Tea Merchant and then about two weeks before her birthday the commercials for the 3D Glee Concert came up and she changed her mind and went back to Glee. So the plan was 3D Glee Concert, lunch at Red Robin's and then the beach.  I limited what I had to make to the cupcakes that looked like slushees. 

Nugget got the idea from this blog and I found the Big Quench labels here.  I used a basic vanilla cake recipe for the cupcakes instead of the one from Bake Odyssey, and I made vanilla butter cream frosting that I tinted red.  The cupcakes were finished off with a sprinkling of red sanding sugar and a Twizzler for a straw.  Nugget's goody bags were Glee pencil cases full of candy and school supplies.

Nugget's cousin Annabelle slept over the night before
and gave Nugget a Glee manicure.

The girls coming out of the 3D Glee Concert movie.
Rutty and I sat a couple of rows in front of them.  We anticipated lots of singing from the girls.

Rutty and the girls perusing and colouring the Red Robin's kids menu.

Our waitress gave Nugget a birthday sundae and made her stand on a chair while she yelled at the entire restaurant announcing it was Nugget's birthday.  Then she and a few of the wait staff sang some royalty-free version of Happy Birthday.

My baby's all growd up.

Annabelle, Nugget and Isabelle with their nerd glasses, the 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.  
Maya didn't keep hers so she didn't want to be in the photo :(

On our way back from the restaurant we realized it was also the Annual Vancouver Zombie Walk so we stopped at home for our beach gear, cupcakes and the Buffy Scythe... to fend off the zombies on our way to the beach.

To the beach!

We hung out at English Bay, opened presents and then the girls ditched me to go exploring by the water while I watched all their stuff.  It was a fun day.

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  1. Well OBVIOUSLY you need to Buffy Scythe to fend of Zombies.