Friday, August 5, 2011

Because Sharing is Caring

I have a tendency to randomly post links to things on my Facebook that I like in hopes that my friends will find them interesting, informative, inspirational or just plain neat.  It just recently occurred to me that I could compile my favourites in one handy dandy blog post every once in a while and share with the 20 people following this here blog.

I loved this post at Cup of Jo on how to speak to little girls.  Do you think you'd be a different person if more importance or attention was given to your thoughts, interests and talents as a little girl, rather than appearance?

I have Craft fairs on the brain lately and have been thinking about the pricing of things I make.  The timing of this post on the Craftzine blog was perfect and very helpful.  Pricing has always been a difficult thing for me especially since I have a day job I love and what I make and sell is a hobby. 

I wish I heard about dog duvets from Molly Mutt before I dropped $50 on a new bed for Boomer.  She destroyed the orthopedic foam within days of getting it.  I've recently stuffed the bed casing with old towels which is pretty much the concept behind the dog duvet, only the ones at Molly Mutt have cooler prints.  Next time...

Photos from Where Children Sleep from documentary photographer James Mollison... will give you a dose of perspective.

Knit James!  Thought it was cool since he's one of the characters from the show I work on.

Font!  From Fluids!.. cause I love font.

(Balisong) Butterfly knife-styled Pen. Sadly, a year too late for my Hit Girl Halloween costume.

And lastly, Rutty's 35th Birthday Re-cap...

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