Saturday, July 30, 2011

Robson Square Artisan Market

Last Saturday I participated in my second Craft Sale ever and my first one on my own, the Robson Square Artisan Market.  It's a new market that just started in June this year.  So far it's had a few things going against its success: the riot in June, construction on Robson Street above, the crappy weather, and a ton of competing events.  We did get a good flow of people wandering down the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery curiously following the sounds of the live entertainment on our market day though.  We got a lot of smiles, and positive comments but few sales.  

My brain was pre-occupied with the all the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks and it kind of ruined the anticipation of the market for me.  I honestly wasn't as excited about the market until that morning when Nugget and I were setting up.  The night before was a crazy panic trying to get everything together and finish the doll I started a couple of days before.  I finished it about an hour before we had to leave for the market.  
I was exhausted and not in the mindset I would have liked to be in.  I probably could have done more to promote it, like write a blog post BEFORE the market and not after.  DUH.  

I have a couple of Sundays sharing a table with the lovely and talented Karen Francis and L.A.M Designs (Aimee Illescas and Virginia Turco Greyson) at Artful Sundays on Commercial Drive in August, so I will pimp the hell out of those.  Here are some photos of our set up...

Nugget peeking behind the hat stand (borrowed from Durka.  Thanks Durka!) holding a couple of zombie hats and a viking hat.  That's the doll I finished that morning.

Nugget posing at our table.  We had the brightest, most random set up.  
I referred to it as a "Zombie Viking Sushi Carnival of Random Curiosities".

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