Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yet Another...

Do a Google search for "Cupcake hat" or "Jayne Cobb Cunning Hat" and you'll get a ton of images.  I just added to the mix.

I made this cupcake hat as a gift for our Character Supervisor's newborn daughter.

This Jayne Cobb hat was a commission for our Compositing Supervisor (modeled by Rutty).

One day everyone in the studio will have one of my knitted items.  
Hmmm... 68 more to go.  
Muhahahaha!  Nitrogen Knitting Domination!!!  

As if.  Like I'm that insane.

(Production Manager and unofficial supplier of knitted goods to the crew of Thomas and Friends.)


  1. hey I am the sockmonkey hook up for my studio...we all have our place...

  2. You're totally our go-to sockmonkey technician expert too.