Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starting to Look Like Spring

Just some photos I took this morning while taking Hurley for a walk. 

When all the cherry blossom trees in the West End are in full bloom the falling petals look like snow.  It's one of my most favourite things about my neighbourhood.

Crocuses and little daffodils.

This is the Nelson Gnome tree on the corner of Nelson and Jervis.  
This door leads to Og.  Bonus points if you get that reference.


  1. Secret World of Og by Pierre Burton.. :)
    I was storyboard artist and animator on the show for CBC. hehehe

  2. It was one of my favourite ABC Weekend Specials back in the 80's with O.G. Readmore.
    I didn't know they re-made it! I want to see! I'll get Ellery to find it.

  3. It was I believe 7 seriously was the best show I have ever worked on!