Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days of Highs and Lows

Let's start with the "Lows"... 
Last week started with Nugget being sick with the flu from Monday to Wednesday and getting a new puppy settled into our home... which meant cleaning up accidents in the house.  It was a rough start to the week but it wasn't terrible.  I stayed home with my little sicky baby on Monday and half the day on Tuesday until Nana could take over for me and I could go to work.  It was kind of nice having some extra time to spend with Boomer and Hurley to get them acquainted.  We did a lot of walking when Nugget felt well enough to get some fresh air.  Wednesday was Papa's turn to play nurse and dog sitter.  Thursday was St.Patrick's Day and we thought we'd try leaving Hurley and Boomer home alone together with Boomer in her pen.  Nugget stopped at home after school with her dad to take the dogs out for a bit and then she went to Nana's.  All was well.  When we got home after work we found our place had been broken into.  The jerks had jimied our sliding glass door open, freaked out our dogs, rifled through our stuff and stole Rutty's laptop and our cameras.  It definitely could have been worse.  Stuff can be replaced but if anything happened to our dogs, I don't know what I would've done.  Thankfully Hurley and Boomer weren't hurt or stolen.  As angering and upsetting as the whole thing was, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan really put things in perspective.  Our stuff got stolen.  It was really shitty.  It shook our sense of security.  We've implimented overdue security measures.  Moving on... 

I think I mentioned "Highs" in the title of this entry... 

St.Patrick's Day we had a pancake breakfast at work with real Irish coffee with Irish whiskey made by our Irish boss.  Very authentic.  And yummy.

Rutty and I also placed top four in the Limerick contest.  I don't quite remember Rutty's but here's mine about my (almost) bi-weekly rant about people not making coffee after they finish the pot.

There once was a girl named Arlyn*.
Who needed her dose of caffeine.
When she found the pot dry
On to Spark** she would cry
"Learn to make a fresh pot, you fiend!"

*pronounced Arleeeeeen
 ** Spark is our internal IM system at work

Sadly, Rutty and I didn't win the coveted bottle of Irish Whiskey.

A while ago Rutty entered the Buddy Abroad contest with Monster Factory and we got selected to be Buddy's host family in Vancouver.  We are Buddy's second stop on his trip around the world.  Somewhere along his travels he will also be visiting with Jenn and Teen in Singapore which is super awesome.  On Friday Buddy arrived at work which was the highlight to a bummer of a week.  His timing was good and bad.  Good in that he was spared the trauma of witnessing our apartment being robbed.  Bad in that we don't have our cameras now and we have to borrow Uncle Kevin's in order to document Buddy's visit.
Nonetheless, our monsters were very excited and welcomed Buddy to our home.

Then we took Buddy to a hockey game.  No, not the Canucks.  This is Vancouver, we can't afford to watch those hockey games.  We went to see the Vancouver Giants.  Sadly, the Giants lost.  But look how happy Buddy looks!  Rutty will have to update the folks at Monster Factory soon.  He's been busy dealing with our insurance stuff.

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