Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Love In the Mail

Valentine Swap Conclusion 
When the mailbox bears treasures beyond the mundane bills and flyers, I get very excited.  Like to the point where it comes across as annoying bragging.  So this is my last post about all the good stuff I got in the mail last week, I swear.  My fifth and final Valentine from the swap arrived on Thursday.  This cute felt heart and hand written card came from Donna at Unraveling.  
This Valentine Swap was definitely a good first swap to cut my teeth on.  On the suggestion of Meeka, I joined Craftster so I guess we'll see what my Swapping future holds.

Happy Surprises
The package that was waiting for me at the Post Office wasn't my fifth Valentine.  It was actually a beautiful print from my friend Meagan's talented mom, Wendy Browne.  The print she sent me is of her piece called "Remembering Home" from her recent art show called Slice.  You can see it on her website along with her other pieces here.  It was a very unexpected and happy surprise.  I took the piece to get framed immediately.  I'll take photos of it when I get it back from the frame shop.  I've been a fan of Wendy's art since the first time I set foot in Meagan's family home in Salmon Arm.  Wendy makes the most amazing quilts and she's passed her talents to Meagan, who is also a wonderful artist.  Meagan makes adorable quilts for purchase on her Twig + Ivy site.

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