Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Stuff

Valentines Cookies

Yesterday Nugget and I spent the afternoon with my good friend Aimee and her two boys, Caleb and Jacob, baking Valentine sugar cookies.  The kids had a great time cutting out the cookies and decorating them. 

Here are some of the finished cookies. The kids ate most of them, their reward for doing such a great job.


This came in a text message from Rutty last night while he was out for dinner with the boys.  Cute.

Valentine's Gifts

This morning I gave Nugget her Valentine's gift:  a sock monkey named Mika for Mika made by Meeka.

And Nugget gave me this:  a hand-painted hamburger sculpture she made from no-bake clay and a handmade card that said "You're the key to my heart".  Best kid ever.

Then after work, Rutty gave me this: Wayne from Monster Factory and four roses... one for every year since we started officially going out... it's tradition.  He's the romantic one :)  What did he get from me?  One part of his gift is sitting in Seattle with Dan until we can head down there to pick it up and the other part hasn't arrived yet.  I'm the worst girlfriend ever.

Valentine Swap Snail Mail

The last time I received a handmade Valentine in the mail was quite a few years ago when I received a Valentine from Molly Goatwax.  I still have it, framed and hanging in our front entrance.  I was happy to find these two Valentine cards from the Valentine's Swap in our mailbox today.  Snail mail of the non-bill variety is the best.

The King and Queen of Hearts card came from Camie in San Francisco and the heart card came from Peggy in Amsterdam.

Hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That's a lot of Meeka/Mika's in one post!

    Also...wait till you have been with Rutty for 50's going to get $$ for him!

  2. Glad the card arrived on time! Hope you enjoy!
    Love from Amsterdam!