Monday, February 28, 2011

Zombie Hat Give-Away

I'm not a zombie fan.   It's mostly because I don't like horror movies due to me being very prone to nightmares.  I already have a troubled relationship with sleep without scary movie enduced visions haunting my thoughts.  I did like the Walking Dead series on AMC though, it was pretty awesome.  But I'm still not a zombie fan.

Steven, our CG Supervisor at work is a zombie fan and he runs a zombie website called ZombiesDrule.  His website will be celebrating its one year anniversay so to commemorate this glorious event, I said I would make a Zombie Hat for a giveaway on the site.  I asked Steven what he had in mind and he drew this on a post-it note:

Steven's mad drawing skills.

I took that and made my own sketch... check out the peg bar holes on the old school animation paper.

This is the finished proto-type.

A shot of the patch of brain poking out the back of the hat.

Nugget playing dead... I mean modeling the hat.

Check out and sign up for the newsletter to receive a discount code for 10% off your Custom Zombie Hat order during the month of March and get info for a chance to win a free Custom Zombie Hat through ZombiesDrule.

Snow People of the West End

We got snow on Saturday!!!  It didn't take long for the rain to come and turn everything into a slushy mess but a few folks in the neighbourhood were able to get out and build some Snow People.  Here's a bunch we saw while taking Hurley for a walk.

A mix of feminine and masculine and weird...

It had a lumpy headed side kick so it wouldn't be lonely.

These guys looked like trouble.

This dude clearly worked out a lot.  Check out those abs.

This lovely snow person was taking his snow dog for a walk.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011: A Peanut for a Peanut

I have a distant cousin (?) named Brian that found me on the internet a few years ago.  I got an email asking if we were related and I think we figured out that our grandparents were cousins, or something like that.  Brian is an artist (check out his insane drawings here), and my third Pay It Forward recipient.  His nickname also happens to be Peanut because he's allergic to peanuts.  I figured I would send him a peanut that wouldn't send him into anaphylactic shock.

This was my original sketch.

I liked how this little guy turned out so much I decided to put him in my Etsy shop for custom order.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pay It Forward 2011: Ginger Cat Pen Cozy for Laura

Laura, our Lighting Supervisor at work and one of the people behind the Tap 'n Cap iPhone App, was next on my list for Pay It Forward 2011. When I asked her what she wanted she said a Ginger Cat Pen Cozy.
A what?  You ask?

I shall explain!  Flashback to a few months ago at work, Laura started using those new Sharpie pens for taking notes.  She said they work great.  Her only complaint was the silver coating on the pen left glitter on her hands.  I told her I would make her a pen cozy.  The next day I gave her this:

It's a bear pen cozy wearing a scarf.

I decided that this time I would knit the entire thing, not like the bear which had a crocheted head sewn on top of a knitted tube body.  I figured this would be a good opportunity to practice decreases and increases.  
This was my sketch.

This is the finished Ginger Cat Pen Cozy...completely knitted with an embroidered face.  The tail was a last minute addition.

Pay It Forward gifts #3 and #4 are in progress.  Stay tuned...

More Love In the Mail

Valentine Swap Conclusion 
When the mailbox bears treasures beyond the mundane bills and flyers, I get very excited.  Like to the point where it comes across as annoying bragging.  So this is my last post about all the good stuff I got in the mail last week, I swear.  My fifth and final Valentine from the swap arrived on Thursday.  This cute felt heart and hand written card came from Donna at Unraveling.  
This Valentine Swap was definitely a good first swap to cut my teeth on.  On the suggestion of Meeka, I joined Craftster so I guess we'll see what my Swapping future holds.

Happy Surprises
The package that was waiting for me at the Post Office wasn't my fifth Valentine.  It was actually a beautiful print from my friend Meagan's talented mom, Wendy Browne.  The print she sent me is of her piece called "Remembering Home" from her recent art show called Slice.  You can see it on her website along with her other pieces here.  It was a very unexpected and happy surprise.  I took the piece to get framed immediately.  I'll take photos of it when I get it back from the frame shop.  I've been a fan of Wendy's art since the first time I set foot in Meagan's family home in Salmon Arm.  Wendy makes the most amazing quilts and she's passed her talents to Meagan, who is also a wonderful artist.  Meagan makes adorable quilts for purchase on her Twig + Ivy site.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Extenda-Mix

Valentine's Day came a day early and decided to stay at our house longer.  We're just oozing love, it's gross.  This was a late Valentine's gift from Nugget to Rutty... a hand painted clay donut.  It wasn't even really late because it was still technically Valentine's Day when she gave it to him.  It just took a while because she was waiting for the paint to dry. 

More Valentines came in the mail from the Valentine's Swap.  There's also a package waiting for me at the Post Office that I suspect is my fifth Valentine.  Unfortunately, it was sent to the Post Office that closes before I finish work.  That means I probably won't be able to pick it up till Saturday.  Boo.

The lovely card on the left is from Emily and the cute little bird is from Jamie.

Another package arrived too and it was filled with Pay It Forward love from the awesome Meeka Stuart.  The tattooed sock monkey on the right is for Rutty, Nugget claimed the little red monster and the adorable little gnome is mine. 

Still no sign of my Valentine's gift for Rutty in the mail.  I take my title of "Worst Girlfriend Ever" very seriously.

Monday, February 14, 2011


My friend Tyler and his girlfriend, Leslie, are huge Futurama fans.  They have a vast collection of Futurama toys and the one character they had trouble finding a toy of was Nibbler.  Last August, they asked me if I could make them a Nibbler and I eagerly accepted the challenge.  Since they didn't give me a due date, I forgot about it.  Then in December Tyler asked if I could make it for Christmas but I was too busy to fit it in the schedule.  Feeling like I let him down, I told him I could make it for Valentine's Day.  So in mid January I started working on this guy and found myself overwhelmed trying to get his face on model.  The last thing I wanted was a wonk-faced Nibbler and I really thought I bit off more than I could chew taking this on.  I frogged and re-started his head a few times and I was ready to give up despite Nugget and Rutty's encouragement.  I set it aside for a couple of days and dreaded having to go back to it.  Making a three-dimensional object from limited two-dimensional reference is a pain in the ass.  With the Valentine's deadline looming, I finally sucked it up and just did it and he turned out better than I thought.  He's actually one of my favourites now and one of the most satisfying projects to finish.

His diaper is made of white felt and his cape is repurposed red cotton fabric from one of Nugget's old shirts.

And at the last minute I made him a lump of dark matter poop.

Love Day Stuff

Valentines Cookies

Yesterday Nugget and I spent the afternoon with my good friend Aimee and her two boys, Caleb and Jacob, baking Valentine sugar cookies.  The kids had a great time cutting out the cookies and decorating them. 

Here are some of the finished cookies. The kids ate most of them, their reward for doing such a great job.


This came in a text message from Rutty last night while he was out for dinner with the boys.  Cute.

Valentine's Gifts

This morning I gave Nugget her Valentine's gift:  a sock monkey named Mika for Mika made by Meeka.

And Nugget gave me this:  a hand-painted hamburger sculpture she made from no-bake clay and a handmade card that said "You're the key to my heart".  Best kid ever.

Then after work, Rutty gave me this: Wayne from Monster Factory and four roses... one for every year since we started officially going out... it's tradition.  He's the romantic one :)  What did he get from me?  One part of his gift is sitting in Seattle with Dan until we can head down there to pick it up and the other part hasn't arrived yet.  I'm the worst girlfriend ever.

Valentine Swap Snail Mail

The last time I received a handmade Valentine in the mail was quite a few years ago when I received a Valentine from Molly Goatwax.  I still have it, framed and hanging in our front entrance.  I was happy to find these two Valentine cards from the Valentine's Swap in our mailbox today.  Snail mail of the non-bill variety is the best.

The King and Queen of Hearts card came from Camie in San Francisco and the heart card came from Peggy in Amsterdam.

Hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!