Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's the Happs?

I joined my first swap!  Lyndsey over at The Stationary Place is hosting a Valentine's Card Swap.  I thought I'd give it a shot.  I have some ideas floating around in my head that I'm excited to try out but first I have a few commissions and orders from my Etsy shop I need to finish up.  

Knitty Gritty
It's been a busy week as usual.  I finished one hockey helmet hat last week and I'm tying up the loose ends on one to ship to Ottawa tomorrow.  Then I have one more and I think I'm done.  I am so over making the hockey helmet hat... at least for now.  I had no idea they would be this popular.   

Last week I got commissioned to make a newborn baby nest and hat by Crystal, one of our animators at work.  It's for a photo shoot she's doing with a little one named Sebastian.  It looks like a giant hat with a wee little hat... but stick a baby in it and it makes a lot more sense.

Handmade Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward 2011 popped up on Facebook a few days ago.  I first spotted it on Steve's status.  He's a fellow artist I used to work with back in the old school traditional animation days.  He now resides in Budapest with his wife and son.  It was his commission for the baby Habs Hockey Helmet Hat that sparked all the other hockey hat commissions.

Anyway, the point of Pay It Forward 2011 is to send something handmade to the first five people to comment on your status and in turn they are to post the same Pay It Forward blurb on their status so that they send something handmade to five more people and so on.  And you have the whole year to send the handmade items to the five recipients.  Pretty cool idea.  I'll probably post each item before I send them out.  I'm prepping the first one tonight!

Health and Stuff
I've been making a concious effort to follow my list and so far I think I'm doing well.  We'll see how long the mojo lasts though.  I've been drinking a lot more water during the day which means more trips to the can at work, and since the women's washroom is downstairs, in turn I'm getting more exercise.  Going up and down stairs constitutes exercise, I'm sure.  Win Win!  I also downloaded the My Fitness Pal app that Rutty's been using for the last couple of weeks.  He's already lost five pounds and he hasn't been working out!  I had to try it. 

So what you do with this app is you put in your stats: age, height, weight, activity level, then you put in what your goal weight is and it calculates how many calories you should have a day in order to reach this goal weight.  It also tells you how much cholesterol, fat, sugar and nutrients you've consumed and gives you an over/under based on what your ideal amount should be.  You can also track how much water you drink a day...  All helpful things to know.

Things I've learned so far:
I eat way too many snacks for the sake of putting something yummy in my mouth.  Now that I have to keep track of what I'm eating I'm finding myself looking at tempting treats and asking myself "do I really need this?".  Most of the time the answer is No.

Unless I take a multivitamin, I don't get nearly as much Vitamin A, C, iron and calcium in my diet.

Walking for 40 minutes with the dog doesn't burn nearly as many calories as I thought it would.  I'm going to have to start running again.

Tonight is the Camilla D'Errico edition of Dr.Sketchy's.  This will be my first time at Dr. Sketchy's and my first time Life Drawing in YEARS.  Daunting?  Just a little.  Rutty, Nugget and I are big fans of Camilla D'Errico and we have several of her pieces in our place.  Nugget actually wanted to go but I think a nine year old is still a little young for drawing naked people.  In order for Rutty and I to attend, I texted Nana to arrange babysitting.  This was the convo:

Me:  Can you babysit Mika tomorrow night from 6-10pm please?  We want to go to life drawing class.

Nana:  Sure but what does it do 4 you?  Draw the life outta you?

Me: It's a class where we draw naked people... That's the 'life' part.

Nana:  Omgomgomg can Mika and I observe?  M or F?

Me: No kids.  Female model.

Nana:  Female:  Nah. Hehheh.

This afternoon I went digging around for my old art supplies and sketchbook that I bought two years ago when Rutty and I had this overly ambitious idea to do monthly sketchbook assignments.  The first month assignment was 'hands'.  That's as far as we got.  Here's a sample of some of my sketches.  They are mostly of my left hand:

My left hand holding an empty glass.  I suspect I got bored and gave up on all the detail of the reflections on the glass.  It sounds like something I would do.

A close up of my left hand intertwined with Rutty's hand.  How romantical.

This is the full page of the intertwined hand sketch with another sketch of my left hand.  This page got smudged to hell which makes the hands look diseased.

This was the Shocker page... two variations of the shocker, the Hawaiian Shocka below and the... umm...other one.  I must have run out of hand poses.

Other poses of my left hand.  I think I like this page the best.

I'm kind of afraid of what my sketches tonight will look like.  Will post those later.  Wish me luck with the drawing of the naked ladies with things on their heads.


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