Monday, January 17, 2011


Two blog posts in a row... Huzzah!

Here's my Dr.Sketchy's update.  Last night was our (mine and Rutty's) first time at a Dr.Sketchy's Art Class and our first time doing life drawing in a very long time.  The most recent life drawing sketchbook I found was dated July 1998.  We were both incredibly rusty.  I was afraid of how badly I was going to suck and very much intimidated by the other artists partaking in the class, especially since Camilla D'Errico herself was going to be there.  I thought a few more of our friends would be there drawing but aside from the friends (Heddy, Pikey and Jenn Strom) who helped organize Dr.Sketchy's, we really didn't know anyone else there.  It was all good though.  The models were great.  They had on wigs and costumes and carried props that you would see in a Camilla D'Errico painting.  I was more accustomed to the fully naked life drawing we did back in Animation school where the figure isn't obstructed by clothing and you see EVERYTHING.  Drawing the clothing took a bit of getting used to.  The round of one minute poses, what Shary Contrary (the hostess of the event), called the "Cardio Round", was a bit stressful.  Here are a few of my sketches from the evening.  We definitely need to do this again.

1 Minute Poses....

5 Minute Pose...

15 Minute Poses...

And since Nugget was sad she couldn't come meet Camilla, we picked up a print and Camilla signed it just for her.


  1. those are great sketches. i still have to attend a dr. sketchy's session in the future. i'm so behind with my sketching, i think i might be able to draw a line in 15 min... nugget must've been so excited to receive a signed print - she's such lucky girl. have a great week!

  2. Thanks Carla! The next Dr.Sketchy's is a tribute to Michael Jackson. You should go!