Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Hi, 2011!

Good grief, where did December go?  You'll have to read my partner in crime's blog  to get an idea.

But here's a round up of some stuff I made during the holidays...

I made some hats...

A Boob Hat. This was a special request from Ellery's dad. He said it's for work.

A Jets Hockey Helmet hat commissioned by a former co-worker, a Christmas present for his nephew.

A Sens Hockey Helmet Hat commissioned by a friend in Ottawa.

I made a couple of dolls...

Baby Snake Eyes. This was a special request from Ellery as a gift for a childhood friend who was a GI Joe fan.

A doll for Jordan, Ellery's niece, for Christmas.

I made some things to keep necks cozy...

I made some things to keep fingers warm...

I baked cookies!  This is probably the first Christmas that I've actually done this.

And we decorated Gingerbread Houses at 3AM on Christmas Eve.

We had a great Christmas break. New Year's was a little more subdued with pizza, watching Labyrinth and Scott Pilgrim at home with Nugget, Rutty, Uncle Kevin and Mossy.  It was the perfect end to 2010.  
Back to the grind on Monday... and more knitting... and hopefully more sewing.  
2011... Bring it!


  1. I just came across your blog! I found it really interesting. I like all the pictures of the knitted hats and mittens. very cool!