Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sports Related Head Gear and Gnomes... No Relation.

I meant to post a picture of this a while ago but forgot.  This was my first Alchemy request on Etsy from a lovely woman in Chicago.  This was also my first attempt at recreating a sports team logo.  I had major concerns about getting the Chicago Bears logo on model but I think it turned out pretty well.  It's not perfect but I think that's part of the charm of hand-made.

This hockey helmet hat was a commission from a friend in Prague for his toddler son.  Again, I had my concerns about getting the Habs logo on model but I think it worked okay.  Posting this on Facebook triggered three more hockey helmet hat orders.  I think the Viking Hat has some competition now.

Between the sports related head gear and the viking hats I made this:

This was another commission from my friend Karen (brown bear hat).  Her original request was for just a Gnome Hat that she can wear on Halloween, and if I had time, maybe throw in a moustache.  I really wanted to throw in a beard.    So I devised a cowl/neckwarmer that she can pull up on her face for a moustache-beard combo or she can wear it under a coat with the moustache tucked in for a cozy neckwarmer.  I think I'll put this up in my Etsy shop after Christmas.  I bet it would look cool with the Viking hat too.