Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Commissions... in Brown

My Etsy shop has been a little slow the last couple of weeks which is kind of nice.  I haven't actually been doing anything to promote the shop lately but so far I'm getting about one viking hat order a week, a pace I'm quite happy with.  I'm not feeling panicked and I have time to take on a few commissions from friends between viking hat orders.   I love doing commissions especially when they pose a creative challenge.  This one came from my friend Karen (who I've been bugging to get an Etsy shop set up.  She makes amazing felt robots).  A month or so ago she sent me this photo requesting this hat:

This is my version of it.

Completed September 8, 2010

Then last week I got a message from sweet Angela requesting a hat and mittens for her beautiful baby girl, Penny, based on this sketch she sent.  It's a really tiny image:

This is my work in progress...

I learned how to chain stitch in order to embroider the snowflake on the hat and mittens.

I'm just finishing up the mitten strings on these babies and I'm done.

Here is the finished hat and mittens.

Completed Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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