Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last week my brother brought over this adorable little girl to our home.  Someone at his work couldn't keep her so he decided he was going to adopt her only to find that he couldn't have a dog at his apartment.  We kept her at our place and immediately named her Boomer.  She's a Beagle-Bulldog mix...a Beabull.  We share the same birthday.

She stayed with us on and off for about a week while we tried to find her a forever home.  We went back and forth deciding on whether we should keep her ourselves.  I mean come on, look at this face.

We fell in love with her immediately but Hurley wasn't much of a fan.  I think if we had introduced her to our home differently, they probably would've been the best of friends.  If they had got along it would've been even more difficult to make a decision but in the end, Rutty and I mustered all the strength we had and made the practical decision to say no.  It wasn't the right time for us to have a puppy... time and expense-wise.  If you ever want to feel like the most horrible person in the world, take a look at those puppy dog eyes and say "I'm sorry, we can't keep you".  It was so incredibly heart breaking.  Dammit, dog.  Why do you have to be so damn adorable?!

We had several people interested in adopting her based on some pictures I posted on Facebook.... because come on... cutest puppy to Hurley of course. 

We chose to give her to Dave, a guy who went to my old high school.  He and his girlfriend have an 11 year old Beagle and were prepared to give Boomer the time and attention she needed.  He said they'd give us updates, photos, videos and visits.  I plan on Facebook stalking them.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

As confident as I was that we found her a great forever home, I was sad to see her go.  We all were.  Nugget cried this morning.  I had my moment yesterday... so pathetic.  You'd think we had Boomer for years and she died or something.  We grew so attached to her in just a matter of days.  I have no idea how people can be foster parents.  You gotta' be so tough... I don't know that I could do this again.

My first update from Dave:  "So cute.  She farts and snores."

I think that's all she got from her bulldog side.

Bye-bye Boomer, baby.  Looking forward to seeing you grow from afar.
I'll be thinking of you on our birthday.

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