Monday, August 16, 2010

A Scattered Mix of Current Events in No Particular Order

My Nugget's birthday is in four days.  She's been reminding us since May.  Her little party isn't until Sunday and she's already planning her party for next year.  I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about a cake.  Here's a preview of one of her goody bag items.  I made some hand-cut stickers from the sushi designs that I used on the goody bags and the invites and made little sticker packs.

Saturday is our Friends and Family Screening for our second Thomas movie:  Misty Island Rescue.  Last year we missed seeing our first Thomas movie on the big screen so I'm kind of excited about this.  You know, as excited as one gets for a preschool movie.  It'll be fun to see the kids' reactions in the theater if anything.

Then after the screening we're off to my nephew's first birthday.  It sounds like it will be a teddy bear picnic in the park if the weather cooperates.

We're making attempt #2 to see Scott Pilgrim tomorrow night.  We bought tickets for opening night last Friday.  We were in line an hour early and snagged some good seats.  But during the wait in line poor Nugget was hit with pee problems.  She was needing to go literally every five minutes which made me think UTI.  While we sat waiting for the movie to start she had to go to the bathroom a couple more times before it was evident that no one was going to enjoy this movie with a little girl getting up every five minutes to run to the can.  We decided to go home so Nugget could be close to a toilet and have some cranberry pills.  A trip to Children's Hospital the next day proved it was not a UTI, her pee was perfect.  The doctor could only diagnose it as Pediatric Urinary Frequency, which apparently is common in girls Nugget's age and usually lasts a couple of days.  Weird.  She seems fine now.  And she insists she's definitely well enough for Scott Pilgrim tomorrow night.  She is very excited.

I believe I am now up to date on my viking hat orders.  I shipped the last one today!  Woohoo!  This is an incredible feat for someone that took nearly eight months to fill an order of seven viking hats last year.  I thought about posting some more viking hat photos but at this point, if you've seen one of my viking hats, you've seen them all except some are slightly larger or smaller. 
I have my first Etsy Alchemy request that I'm itching to start on but I'm waiting for a package to come in the mail before I can start.  My fingers are getting antsy.

The much anticipated meeting of Rutty's parents meeting my parents last Saturday went well.  Rutty and I have known each other for over a decade and have been a couple for almost three years and no, this doesn't mean we're making any major announcements.  It just means it was about bloody time our folks met.  And Rutty's parents even got to meet Nana and Papa, who I pretty much consider my other parents.

Jenn and Teen left for Singapore last Friday.  Jenn is starting her glamourous career as a lead animator on Clone Wars for LucasFilm.  While I am very proud of my little roundy headed friend for scoring such a gig, I'm sad that they're so far away for such a long time.  Our Sunday brunches, Buffy nights and trips to Tofino will not be the same till they come home.  I am happy that we have access to their washer/dryer until ours gets fixed.

Another thing I'm kind of sad about...the end of Meat Watch 2010.  Why?  I'm still trying to figure it out.

And since my mind is about as scattered as this post right now, here are a couple of completely random things that made me go WTF today.  It's not as cool as a rotting pile of meat but very few things are. 

Baby Ligers from Taiwan.

A giant cat couch.  It kind of looks like it's made of chocolate cookie dough.  We have cookie dough in the freezer from Jenn and Teen.  We baked some last night but I couldn't eat the cookies without crying.  Just kidding, I was only sobbing a little. I didn't want my cookie to get soggy... and salty.

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