Friday, August 20, 2010

Nine Year Old Nugget

Today my baby turns 9 years old.  Just one more year then she hits the double digits. Already she's as tall as my shoulders.  It won't be long before we're the same height and then she surpasses me, which really won't take much since I'm only 5 ft tall.

When Nugget first started talking she had a little scratchy voice that sounded odd for such a little girl and I used to call her Froggy. She used to have eczema so bad it covered nearly 70% of her body and the ritual of putting lotions and ointments on her would be so painful it broke my heart.  

Nugget has since grown into her voice and grew out of the eczema and is growing into a pretty young lady and a really cool kid.  She has a great sense of humour and has pretty good comedic timing.  She likes school and brings home good report cards.  At parent-teacher meetings I always get nervous that I'm going to hear that my kid is a jerk because she can be that way at home, but it's always the opposite.  Nugget is great at school.  She's helpful, responsible, she takes care of the younger kids and helps with the special needs kids.  She enjoys taking on leadership roles (Playground Leader, Library Helper, Junior Leader) and voluntarily checks the other kids lunches and bitches them out if they brought anything with nuts in it.  When she told me she did this, I said "Jeez.  Do you have any friends?".  Her response to me was a glare and a punch in the arm.  I bug her about being nerdy in a Lisa Simpson kind of way but only because I was the same way.  I'm very proud of her being so conscientious.  She takes nut allergies very seriously because there are kids in the school and at daycare that could die if they even saw a peanut.  She jokes that I'm not allowed at her school.  Get it?  Because my name is Peanut.

My Nugget has gone through a lot.  She's watched her dad and I split up, she's been passed back and forth as per custody agreements.  Through it all I've worried about how she would handle it and how much it would screw her up but she's tough and well adjusted.  Sometimes I think moreso than I am.  She's very open and honest about what she's thinking and feeling, an ability I envy and hope she never loses.  

Every night when I tuck her in for bed, we sing the "Good Night Miss Mika" song then we talk about her day.  It's the part of the day I look forward to the most.  Partly because it means she's finally going to bed but mostly because that's our special time together.  Now that she's nine, I have to wonder how much longer she's going to want to do that before she thinks it's super lame.  How much longer before she thinks I'm super lame?  Judging from some of the looks she gives me, she already thinks it but she loves me anyway.  She always says she loves me more than I love her and we argue about it and Rutty gags because it's annoying.  It really is annoying.  But whatever, I love her more.  Shut up.

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  1. i had no idea you had a blog!
    what a great kid you got there! so grown up!
    okay i am following you now:D