Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyone's A Winner, Babe.

Whoops.  I'm a few days late posting the winner of the Goody Bag Give-away.  Nugget, the sushi-loving Mika, chose titaniumhip, the sushi-loving Meeka.  Confusing?  Maybe.  Meeka, your goody bag will be mailed out on Saturday!

My big brother, Ranyl, was in the Vancouver Sun today.  He's like the poster boy for the BCIT Bachelor of Technology's games development option, because he made an Xbox game.  You can read about him here and here .  He was also interviewed on CBC Radio this afternoon.  Yep, we're pretty proud.  You should buy his game here

Today is the last day for WipeOut Canada phone calls.  Sadly, Rutty did not make the cut.  There's always next year, right?  Right?

Nugget's back to school next week.  It will be her first day at the Main School.  Woohoo!

Got some really positive feedback on my Etsy shop for some of the viking hat orders I sent out a few weeks ago.  This is going to sound super lame but I have to say, it's really quite gratifying to know everyone is so happy with their viking hats.  I'm finishing off one viking hat this week and my Alchemy request which I will post a photo of when it's totally finished.  I made a pair of mitts for my Etsy shop but Nugget claimed it as her birthday mitts.  This is them...

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