Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Choo Choo

We were at Toy Traders (the most awesome toy store EVER) in Langley again last weekend.  This time I was excited to see that some of the Thomas toys from our shows were on the racks.  I've worked on several different shows throughout my career and I still get a kick out of seeing swag from the shows I've worked on in stores no matter how lame the show or the swag.  Not to say the Thomas stuff is lame, some of it is actually pretty cool but alas, my little Nugget is more into Wizards of Waverly Place not talking trains.

...and now I go back to knitting viking hats!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gratuitous Scab Photo and Other Things.

My Etsy shop has been open for almost three weeks now.  It's been very exciting and nerve-racking.  My Viking Hat made it to the front page last week without my knowing and my views went from sixty to over a thousand over night.  I was so confused and didn't realize what happened till the Etsy app on Facebook updated my status.  By the time I checked the Etsy front page was already different and I completely missed it.  I instantly felt naked, exposed, and I was filled with anxiety knowing all those people viewed my stuff.   I was overcome with the most uncomfortable mix of excitement and fear I wanted to throw up.   Rutty said I was weird.  Yes.  Probably.  I can't even explain it.  I've made four sales since I opened, which I'm absolutely thrilled about and I have two custom orders in the works.  So far so good... Knit...Breathe...Repeat.

In other news, Rutty tried out for Wipeout Canada and made the short list.  He went to the audition today with our boss, Nicole.  I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks if he needs to find some big balls to practice running across.

What the hell is this you ask?  This is the lovely landscape of my right shoulder in a flattering shade of green that gives the impression of death.  The Hipstamatic filtering on the photo is emphasizing the ugly, it's actually not this bad. 

I've been having issues with my jaw for a while and I kept putting off getting it checked because I don't have dental coverage and I'm still paying for Nugget's orthodontic treatments.  I bit the bullet a few weeks ago when the pain got too annoying.  I saw a specialist who practiced unconventional, naturopathetic treatments.  I got fitted with a couple of mouth pieces to wear when I'm not eating and I had some myofascial therapy.  

So what does that have to do with the photo above?  After the therapy session I was sore where the needles were injected.  One of the needle sites developed a water blister, my guess is it developed after the moist heat treatment. The water blister popped and the skin peeled and it was all raw and painful for days.  That is my wound finally scabbing up and healing.  Too much?  I know, you're welcome.  Sharing is caring.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Overdue

After months of delay and thousands of excuses for why I haven't done it yet, my Etsy shop is finally live with actual stuff for sale. Visit me here and peruse my wares. So far I have just a sampling of my little sushi items in the shop but I hope to add more things as I go.

Now I just have to get over the anxiety I have from sending my little creations out into the world outside of the 15 people that read my blog and the cozy realm of my Facebook friends. It's probably not a big deal but right now, in my brain it's enough to keep me from sleeping.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


By special request from Heather at work. An 'Alot' based on the character/drawing by Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half. We are big fans. Rutty loves her cause she's funny and she kind of looks like Veronica Mars. If you haven't read Allie's blog, you should.

It's a little hard to tell from the pic but the Alot's mouth opens and he has little tiny black toe nails on each foot. I started making this after dinner last night and couldn't go to bed till it was finished...4AM cause I'm hard core like that.

Completed July 3, 2010