Friday, May 14, 2010

We Can't Paint

I can't quite remember how this all got brought up but one day a few weeks ago Jubbs and Teeners were over for Buffy night and we came up with this plan to start a painting group to encourage ourselves to be creative and learn how to paint.

The group would consist of me, Rutty, Nugget, Jubbs and Teeners. For the most part, none of us really draw that much anymore. Rutty and I used to work in traditional animation as clean-up artists (or final line animators depending on what studio you were working for) and we were paid to draw. That was over a decade ago. Now we both work in CG animation, Rutty as an Editor, myself as a Production Manager, both positions that involve a lot of computer monitor staring and no drawing. Jubbs is a CG Animator and that also involves a lot of computer monitor staring and very little to no drawing. Teeners is currently unemployed but her last job was in the Live Action Industry. She read a lot at work but again, no drawing. Nugget is in Grade 3 and probably draws the most out of all of us. She keeps a very impressive visual journal at school where she draws and writes whatever she fancies. She loves art and asked if she could take art classes. I suggested joining our painting group instead and she found this to be a satisfactory alternative.

As you can see, we are somewhat of a varied bunch with different skill levels and abilities. It will definitely be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

The plan was to compile a list of words consisting of objects, emotions and actions, and put them in a container. Each month one word of each type would be pulled from the container and that would be our theme for that month's painting. Then we would meet once a month to paint as a group.

We created the list of words during our trip to Tofino and I typed them out into an excel document, printed it and had Nugget cut them out. Then last Wednesday we all met and drew our first theme: Jealous - Jumping - Pinata. How very fitting for Cinco de Mayo. Shortly after we created a blog to document our progress.

This is We Can't Paint.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! Way to go! I love it :)