Friday, May 7, 2010


Last weekend we finally made it out to Tofino for some much needed chill time. This was Nugget and Hurley's first trip there so the first thing we did when we arrived at the house was put on our rain boots and head for Chesterman Beach. Our first day there it rained but Nugget and Hurley toughed it out and Nugget managed to complete her mission of finding a fully intact sand dollar. Jubbs and Teen made fajitas for dinner and we spent the evening playing Loteria! and Werewolves. I swear you think you know your friends until you play Werewolves.

Nugget and I were up early Saturday morning making pancakes, bacon and eggs for the gang. The weather was gorgeous but the wind was intense. Walking on the beach was difficult for Nugget and Hurley with the sand blowing full force but it was too nice out to leave. Durka and Indy made some yummy chili for lunch and for dinner Uncle Kevin made his kick-ass lasagne and some insane chocolate pecan turtles for dessert. Oh man. After dins we went back to the beach for a bonfire and smores. Sunday was home day so I wanted to take Nugget and Hurley to the beach for one more romp before the long drive home. Nugget declined the offer and chose to stay with everyone at the house to feast on the giant chocolate chip breakfast cookie that we cut into wedges like a pizza and the breakfast nachos Teeners and I assembled. We eat like champions when we're in Tofino. Very healthy champions. I dragged Hurley down to the beach. Literally dragged him to the beach. My dog loves his creature comforts and despises the rain. It was so cool to see him running around, free to run the full expanse of the beach the day before that I wanted him to experience that one more time before we left. I thought he wanted that too. When we got to the beach and I took him off his leash he bolted for the entrance and made a mad dash for home. I guess he didn't think it was that awesome.

All in all, it was a good trip. I wasn't sure how well Nugget would do on a trip with only adults but I think she did just fine. She said she had fun and the level of whining didn't exceed what I feared. It sounds like Tofino is her new favourite place and this is probably one of the most boring posts I've ever written. Blah.

So speaking of boring...I also got in some knitting! My friends go to Tofino to surf, I go to knit. I sure know how to party like an octogenarian! I finally finished the toque I started in February for Uncle Kevin and started on a pouch for my new waterproof camera that I finished on Wednesday! If I add more exclamation marks will that make this thing more exciting?! Nope! Okay here are some pics.

Nugget and Hurley in rain gear on the beach. Hurley was already halfway back to the beach entrance and embarrassed to be the only dog on the beach wearing a raincoat. What? He's a short-haired dog. He gets cold easily. There's Nugget with her serious 'searching for a sand dollar' face on.

Uncle Kevin's Tofino hat. Ooohh...brown stripes.
Completed May 1, 2010

The super exciting camera pouch.
Completed May 5, 2010

Canucks just lost the game. Boo.

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