Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today is Nugget's best friend's birthday. She was a fan of Nugget's doll, Honey, and asked if I could make her a similar doll. So this is Lemon, Maya's doll based on her drawing. I started her on Sunday and finished her last night while watching Whip It! Just in time for Maya's birthday sleepover. So with the Nugget away for the night, we're off to watch some Roller Derby!

Completed April 9, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sickies and Hats, Not Necesarrily in that Order.

A plague hit our home last week and everyone was sick as a dog...except for our dog. After days of gross things coming out of both ends, hacking coughs and fevers that took forever to break, things are starting to feel normal again. Sort of. Rutty went to the clinic this morning to get his horrible cough checked out and the doctor told him it was a virus that lasts 3 weeks. No meds. So basically, suck it up. I think we both lost about ten pounds each just in the last few days. The worst for Nugget was the fever but once that broke, she was fine. She has the occassional cough but not as bad as Rutty and none of the stomach issues I got. Lucky girl. I spent most of yesterday disinfecting the entire house and today was more cleaning and laundry. Exciting.

In other news, JP our Comp Supervisor at work, and his family, welcomed the arrival of their son. I started knitting this hockey helmet hat for him last week but stopped during the sickies and then finished it the other day. After watching House last night, I made sure to wash it before wrapping it up.

Completed April 1, 2010