Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finished Objects: Photo Catch Up

Finally got a chance to get some of the photos off of Rutty's camera onto my computer to post some of the projects I finished just before, during and after the move. It's been a blurr. I have no idea what the exact finished dates are anymore.

Caleb's Rasta Hat.

Isaac's Rasta Hat.

Annabelle's Rasta Hat.

Angus' Viking Hat that he rocked during the Switzerland vs. Norway Olympic men's hockey game.

A pair of arm warmers intended for my Etsy site. Was sold yesterday to one of Nugget's friends as a gift for her cousin.


  1. That viking hat is AWESOME! Where oh where is your Etsy site?

  2. Thanks! I don't actually have my Etsy site up and running yet. I've been so busy with commissions and other projects that I haven't had a chance to make inventory.