Sunday, March 14, 2010

WIP....the "ugly" blanket.

Inspired by all the colourful cotton yarn I inherited from my step-grandmother, I started on this baby blanket. It's all kind of random but I did have a creative vision for it. I wanted both sides to be different which means more work but so far it's been fun. Up until today, Nugget was referring to it as the "ugly" blanket. Today she actually said she liked it and that it was "nice" now. This is the work in progress.

Finished Objects: Photo Catch Up

Finally got a chance to get some of the photos off of Rutty's camera onto my computer to post some of the projects I finished just before, during and after the move. It's been a blurr. I have no idea what the exact finished dates are anymore.

Caleb's Rasta Hat.

Isaac's Rasta Hat.

Annabelle's Rasta Hat.

Angus' Viking Hat that he rocked during the Switzerland vs. Norway Olympic men's hockey game.

A pair of arm warmers intended for my Etsy site. Was sold yesterday to one of Nugget's friends as a gift for her cousin.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What. What.

Technical Difficulties
It's been a month since my last post. We are still unpacking and settling in, trying to find homes for all our stuff... Oh our stuff... So much stuff.
I was without my home computer since we moved in, relying on Rutty's laptop to check email and Facebook occasionally in the evenings. But his laptop, isn't my computer and I missed my bookmarks and my programs dearly. I bought my cute little Acer last year and she started crashing more than my old one so I sent her off to Uncle Kevin for some treatment. He did a full factory re-set and she was still crashing. So I brought her home, hooked her up and contacted Costco concierge for some tech support. They were the most condescending asshats. Needless to say the phone call ended with me completely disatisfied and annoyed. I did another factory re-set and waited. It's been over a week and my little Acer hasn't crashed yet. I hope it means that it's now safe to put all my programs back.

Oh Canada
The Olympics came and left our fair city. Canada won a record breaking fourteen gold medals. Nice work, Canada! (High five) We watched the nail biting Gold Medal hockey game against the US and ventured out onto Robson Street to celebrate our win. The crowds were insane, in a good way. And you couldn't help but be swept up in our Nation's pride. Before all of this I was really dreading the arrival of the Olympics. We discussed leaving town to get away from the chaos. Traffic was going to be ridiculous. I don't even watch sports. But we stayed in town. We watched the torch relay near work. We watched the opening ceremony at home. We lined up for hours to get into the Bay for Canada hoodies. Traffic was awesome. And when the TV was on, it was set to some sort of Olympic event. We were sucked in, hook line and sinker... and we loved it.

Many factors have contributed to the delay of opening my Etsy shop. The move, settling in, computer issues, my missing camera battery, the Olympics... I'm aiming for April now. I have a couple of projects currently on the go, Uncle Kevin's hat which I've kind of lost interest in at the moment (Sorry Kev!) and a baby blanket that I was inspired to crochet out of the cotton yarn that I inherited from my step-grandmother. Nugget calls it the "Ugly Blanket" and I keep saying "Stop calling it that, it's not done yet!" I'll have pictures of it as soon as I get my computer back to normal.