Saturday, February 6, 2010

Settling In

We finally finished moving last weekend, at least Nugget and I finished moving. Rutty still has to move about 95% of his belongings in. There are boxes and big plastic bins full of random stuff in the middle of the living room waiting to be unpacked. This new place is awesome but lacks storage space. What to do with the bikes? And the linens? And all of our shoes? And my yarn stash? Grace at work told me about a guy at Cam's work who's daughter was knitting a scarf a day to give to the homeless. Grace donated a bunch of yarn from her stash before they moved and I figured I should do the same. The task of sorting and deciding which yarn to part with was more difficult than I thought but space is limited here. I ended up donating a big bag of yarn to make space for Rutty's DVD Collection. During the packing and moving and settling in I finished the requested Rasta hats for my niece Annabelle and my nephews Isaac and Caleb and started on a hat for Uncle Kevin. I just got a commission for a viking hat for a 2 year old that I have to finish by Tuesday. No pressure. Will post pictures once I find my camera and get my computer set up. Internet, phone and cable are finally hooked up. Hello modern's been a while.