Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Parade of Presents: Christmas 2009

Sushi Training Kit 1.0

Rutty's brother, Troy, lives in Ontario. For Christmas they fill a box with weird things they think the other would like. This year I wanted to throw in a few things for his fiancee, Caryn and her 4 year old daughter, Jordan, who we met on our visit this summer. Troy is big into sushi and Caryn was starting to warm up to the raw stuff while we were there. Jordan on the other hand claimed she loved sushi though she had never tried it before. I decided that for Christmas, I would make her a Sushi Training kit to foster that love for sushi.

The full platter of knit and crocheted sushi with a pair of chopsticks.

Tamago Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri and Ebi Nigiri with wasabi and ginger.

Two inside out California rolls with hand sewn beads for sesame seeds, two Salmon Maki, one Kappa Maki and one Oshinko Maki.

Other Things in the Box

To add to the Sushi Training Kit but with no relevance to it, I also made Jordan a pair of Piggy Mittens.

I made Caryn a pair of arm warmers using the "Fetching" pattern from Knitty.

And Troy got a striped toque.

Sushi Training Kit 2.0

My best friend from high school, Kayce, is also a big sushi fan. So I made another Sushi Training Kit for her 2 year old daughter, Riley.

Tamago Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri, Ebi Nigiri, two Salmon Maki and two Kappa Maki.

For Kayce's one-month old daughter, Naiya, I made a pair of soft merino wool baby mittens.

Cozy Things

A pair of soft alpaca arm warmers for my niece, Annabelle.

And by special request, a hat for my mom.

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