Monday, November 16, 2009

Round 'Em Up.

I've been busy. Since finishing all those viking hats for Tessa I've felt more inspired. I don't know if it's a knitter's high, is that even such a thing? I would equate it to a runner's high but on a creative level. Instead of feeling like I could run another 10K or fight a bear, I just want to make stuff. So the last few days that's what I've been doing. Making stuff. And not posting them on this here blog until now.

With the viking hat order out of the way I was able to get going on a bunch of requests from friends. One of the most persistent was Lucky Fatso. I started on a hat combining two kinds of yarn, one was camouflage and one was a pale green. I had just enough of the camouflage yarn for the main part of the hat but it was still too small. I ended up crocheting a band around the bottom with just the green. In the end the hat turned out way to girly so I kept it for myself. Back to the drawing board for Lucky Fatso's hat.

Completed November 7, 2009.

Jubbs and Teeners had a house warming a couple of weeks ago and I had planned to paint something for them as a gift. I'm not really sure why, but I didn't actually start the painting till the night before the party and of course I didn't finish it in time. They received it two days after and they seemed to like it despite the crappy hands. I am clearly not a painter. I have bumped up painting lessons to the top five things I'd like to take. I have recently put a check mark beside guitar lessons on this list. The viking hat order paid for my guitar lessons that I just recently started taking at work. Yes!

Completed November 8, 2009.

Last Wednesday was Remembrance Day, no work, no school. Nugget spent Tuesday night at my mom's and Rutty and I picked her up on the way to Caleb's 4th birthday party.
My mom and stepdad have been packing and purging in preparation for their move to White Rock in January. Each visit we've been asked several variations of "Do you need/want a (insert name of object to pawn off)" and we either go home with this item or we promise to pick it up in January before they move. Previous visits scored me a printer and a bunch of knitting and crocheting books. This particular visit we acquired an old ceramic piggy bank in the shape of a dinosaur and a ceramic pot in the shape of the Hotel Europe in Gastown (both made by me in high school art class), a bag of potting soil and a mother load of yarn and cotton crochet thread from my step-grandmother. The latter inspired this lovely dish cloth. The pattern was taken from the Stitch N' Bitch Happy Hooker Crochet book.

Completed November 11, 2009.

After the completion of this dish cloth which apparently resembles Tweety more than a skull I made another attempt at a hat for Lucky Fatso. I went with a simple cable knit hat from the Stitch N'Bitch Nation book.

Completed November 14, 2009.

Then after finishing this hat, I was on a roll you see, I started on a pair of knuckle gloves for myself because the pair I have was one of the first pairs I had ever made and they looked it. I was wired from an Americano and a Cappuccino from brunch at the Epicurean and I finished the gloves last night because I couldn't sleep. They're made from soft self-patterning Alpaca sock yarn.

Completed November 15, 2009.

So this morning, Nugget woke up with a fever and a head ache and it was way too short notice to get a hold of the grandparents for emergency babysitting. I stayed home from work to tend to my sick monkey and feed her chicken soup. We watched the remaining episodes of Season Four of the Gilmore Girls, Coraline and High School Musical. Coraline inspired me to start on these gloves with some yarn from the stash I inherited from my step-grandmother. (High School Musical made me want to stick my knitting needles in my ear. I checked my work email a lot during this movie.) I found a free pattern for Coraline gloves online but I have this problem with knitting patterns, I have trouble following the majority of them with their abbreviations and terms that I'm not familiar with. So I took the pattern for the knuckle gloves that I knew well and I modified it for closed fingers then I followed an image of the original tiny gloves from the movie for the striping pattern. The plan was to make these gloves for Nugget but I have this problem with gauge, I don't like doing test swatches to figure out the gauge and adjust the pattern. The fingers ended up being freakishly long which meant they were perfect for me. I have one finished glove that I'm pretty happy with though it looks like it belongs to ET or Arsenio Hall. I think it looks of normal proportion when its worn. Now for the matching glove...
You see, I have this problem with gloves, you have to make two and they have to look the same. So when modifying a pattern, one should really be writing that stuff down for reference for the matching glove. I apparently have a problem writing stuff down. Anyway, here's the finished glove with the image of the original gloves for reference.

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