Thursday, August 27, 2009


I finished the baby blanket I started on the trip back from Saskatchewan just in time for the birth of my brand new nephew, Caleb. While I can appreciate a challenge, I totally love the instant gratification when it comes to knitting. Being able to see something take shape is awesome and it takes so long to feel this awesomeness when knitting blankets. Hence, I am not a big fan of knitting blankets. The little munchkin was worth it though.

One of the first finished objects to be adorned with the new P-Nut Gallery tags I ordered.

The blanket is four squares x four squares with a crocheted border. Each of the blue and brown squares was knit with a different pattern for texture and to prevent boredom for me. Three of the white squares have bobbles, which I just learned how to do. One of the white squares has a letter 'C'. The brown squares are garter stitch.

Completed August 20, 2009

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