Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

A lot of people seem to be popping out babies lately so I've been busy making baby hats.
This one I started last Saturday after I finished Caleb's blanket.

It's a fluffy white bear hat with a blue felted flower. A gift for Woojung, one of our animators at work. She's expecting a baby girl in a few weeks.

Completed August 25, 2009.

Then I started this hockey helmet hat on Sunday, Rutty's idea. He wanted me to add hockey hair to the back though. I opted not to out of fear it would irritate the baby's neck. This was a gift for Jeff, our Animation Supervisor at work. Jeff and his wife, Kari, were expecting a hockey player on Monday but the little one doesn't want to come out to meet the world just yet.

It's a little bit difficult to see the shape without it being on an actual baby head but you get the idea.

Completed August 25, 2009.


  1. Super Cute! i love the fuzzy white one! can you make one in adult sizes??