Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Baby Baby

A lot of people seem to be popping out babies lately so I've been busy making baby hats.
This one I started last Saturday after I finished Caleb's blanket.

It's a fluffy white bear hat with a blue felted flower. A gift for Woojung, one of our animators at work. She's expecting a baby girl in a few weeks.

Completed August 25, 2009.

Then I started this hockey helmet hat on Sunday, Rutty's idea. He wanted me to add hockey hair to the back though. I opted not to out of fear it would irritate the baby's neck. This was a gift for Jeff, our Animation Supervisor at work. Jeff and his wife, Kari, were expecting a hockey player on Monday but the little one doesn't want to come out to meet the world just yet.

It's a little bit difficult to see the shape without it being on an actual baby head but you get the idea.

Completed August 25, 2009.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I finished the baby blanket I started on the trip back from Saskatchewan just in time for the birth of my brand new nephew, Caleb. While I can appreciate a challenge, I totally love the instant gratification when it comes to knitting. Being able to see something take shape is awesome and it takes so long to feel this awesomeness when knitting blankets. Hence, I am not a big fan of knitting blankets. The little munchkin was worth it though.

One of the first finished objects to be adorned with the new P-Nut Gallery tags I ordered.

The blanket is four squares x four squares with a crocheted border. Each of the blue and brown squares was knit with a different pattern for texture and to prevent boredom for me. Three of the white squares have bobbles, which I just learned how to do. One of the white squares has a letter 'C'. The brown squares are garter stitch.

Completed August 20, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Pressies and Other Stuff

Another Viking Hat...
with chin straps so it doesn't fly off her head while snowboarding.
I actually finished this back in July but didn't post it because it was a birthday present for Teeners and I wanted to wait to give it to her. I've spoiled enough birthday surprises by posting it first. Her birthday was at the end of July, we went to Saskatchewan, life's events held up giving this to her sooner and I just finally gave it to her last night.

Completed July 27, 2009.


This is Palomino's Blue Ball Birthday Scarf. I designed this scarf specifically to cater to Samanta's love of balls. There are varying sizes of fiber-filled crocheted balls sewn onto this scarf with a few strategically placed so that when worn, balls hit her chin.

Completed August 4, 2009

Saskatchewan Road Trip

I started Sam's scarf the morning we left on our road trip to Saskatchewan. It was a 12 hour drive to Calgary which was our first overnight stop. I finished the main part of the scarf before it got dark during the drive. Before we even got to Saskatchewan I finished making all the balls and couldn't continue because I didn't bring any fiber fill with me. That was day 2 of the trip. Not expecting to finish the scarf so quickly, I hadn't packed any other projects with me and I was sad and sort of bored. Day 4 of our trip we stopped at a Walmart in Saskatoon before heading back home and I bought 3 skeins of yarn that was a mix of blue, beige and brown and started on a baby blanket for my new nephew that's due in September. This was me for most of the drive back home.