Friday, June 26, 2009

Yarr! Or whatever it is Vikings say.

It's been almost a month since I knit something. Weekly project fail, I know. It pains me. And the looming task of knitting eight viking hats by October was starting to freak me out. So last week I started one commissioned by my friend Tanya for her husband. I pretty much free-styled this one since it's been a year since I knit a viking hat and I don't actually have a pattern. I changed this one up a bit from the very first adult viking hat I made for George. I popped my seed stitch cherry and used it for more texture on the brim and band instead of a rib stitch which was pretty exciting for me. Seed stitch looked so complicated that it intimidated me but it was super easy and thus I made it my bitch. I also used a worsted weight yarn instead of a chunky yarn like the other viking hats I've made. It meant knitting more stitches (there were 136 on this baby) but I think it looks cleaner. The horns are a better size too. I probably would've kept this one if it fit me but Tanya's husband's noggin is huge. You know what they say about guys with big noggins...they have big brains. That Tanya is one lucky lady.

One viking hat down. Seven more to go.

Completed June 26, 2009

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