Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Got Me Some Exercise

We made it up to the Grouse Grind on Sunday for a family hike. Rutty and I had low expectations about making it to the top considering our company: a 7 year old girl who gets a stitch after walking three blocks down the hill to the grocery store (Nugget) and a 30-something year old man who almost died going half way up to the quarter mark on his first attempt (Uncle Kevin). The plan was I'd go back down with them once the whining (Nugget), tears and heart palpitations (Uncle Kevin) started and Rutty would continue to the top so he'd at least get his work out. What we underestimated was the power of bribery (two scoops of gelato: Nugget) and pride (getting pwned by a 7 year old girl: Uncle Kevin). Nugget surprised us by effortlessly hopping up the Grind barely breaking a sweat. She was ahead of us for most of the hike, stopping to turnaround and wave at us like a little ghost girl leading the way. She sang songs, collected rocks and pine cones and trash talked Uncle Kevin. I managed to keep up with her, taking the opportunity to catch my breath when Nugget stopped to have a snack and tell me all the ways we could die right there on the mountain. Rutty fell back and kept pace with Uncle Kevin, who stayed true to form and flirted with some ladies between trying not to keel over and gasping for air. We made it to the top in just under 2 hours with no whining, no tears and no one had to be taken away in an ambulance. Nugget got her 2 scoops of gelato (1 scoop for making it past where Uncle Kevin stopped on his first attempt, and 1 scoop for making it to the top), Rutty got his work out, I got some exercise and Uncle Kevin can now say he did the Grind in under 2 hours on his Plenty of Fish profile. Success!

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  1. Awesome job buddy! The grind is no easy task, even in 2 hours. Once my legs recover from their weekend of torture I'll tag along.