Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pork Chop Sandwiches!

Viking Hat Commission

I've fallen behind on my projects. My current project in the works: I'm knitting a kitty hat for a friend. I got a late start on it because of all the craziness since I finished Penelope. Funny how I can make an entire doll in a week but a simple hat with cat ears is taking me longer.

I have been commissioned to make seven adult viking hats by October. A lovely young lady named Tessa messaged me via Facebook saying that a bunch of people at the studio she works at have been wanting knitted viking hats since they saw pictures of the one I made for George last year. I think I've only met Tessa once and that was at her going away party a few years ago. We've been Friendster friends and now Facebook friends ever since. The part that cracks me up about the whole viking hat order is that they're knitted wool hats for a bunch of people in the Philippines...where the temperature is almost always freaking hot. But who am I to argue? They want viking hats...I'll make 'em some viking hats. I'll probably make one every other week till October, in between the other stuff I want to make. I'm actually pretty excited about this.

Internal House Keeping

I finally finished that cleanse last week. It was all very anti-climactic. Like when the year 2000 came and we didn't have flying cars. I was only supposed to be on it for three months but decided to finish off everyone's left over kits. That ended up being more like four months. Do I feel different? Not really. Do my poops look any different? Nope. I joked about having poops as crystal clear as my pee after four months on a colon cleanse. That would probably freak me out a lot. My morning routine feels a little out of whack though. I got so used to taking the fiber drink and the supplements before breakfast now it feels like I'm forgetting to do something. I also only have to run to the bathroom once in the morning now as opposed to the couple of trips (sometimes more) that were mandatory before heading out to work. I can probably sleep in an extra fifteen minutes every morning now with the time I've saved from not having to go to the bathroom so much.

Mama's Day

On Mothers Day, I got a knock on my bedroom door at 7am. Nugget asked me to get up because she made me breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a bowl of left over vegetable stir fry from two nights before and a glass of water. She literally took the bowl of stir fry out of the fridge, pulled the plastic wrap off and put a fork in it. It was a very sweet gesture but at 7am on a Sunday, the last thing I wanted to do was eat two-day old cold stir fry. My gift was a necklace and a bracelet Nugget made with beads in different shades of blue. I wore the necklace to work today and Nugget was very pleased.

Snippity Snip

We took Hurley to get neutered last Wednesday...finally. Now hopefully he'll calm down a bit. Hearing Nugget yelling "Hurley stop humping!" was only funny the first couple of times. He gets his stitches removed next week. He's been sporting a cone on and off since we brought him home from the vet, poor little fella. We give him a break from the cone when there's someone around to make sure he doesn't lick his stitches so it's not completely horrible. So far he's been pretty good about staying away from his barren land of lost nuts .

Here's my wee Hurley Cone Head.

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