Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here Kitty...

I finally finished the black kitty hat the other night.
It's been a rough few weeks but she's finally done!

Completed May 26, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Girl on the Poster Behind Nugget's Bedroom Door

Rutty, Uncle Kevin and I had lunch at Red Robin's upstairs on the corner of Robson and Thurlow earlier this afternoon. We walked past the White Spot on our way to the car and I did a double take at a girl sitting inside chomping on a burger. I said "I think that's Selena Gomez from that Wizard show Mika likes." Rutty said, "Yeah, I was going to say that girl looks like that girl from the Wizards of Waverly Place." Oh the influence of children and their taste in television shows. All I could think of was how Nugget would freak out if I got an autograph for her. So I scrambled for a piece of paper in my purse and Uncle Kevin lent me his pen and back to the White Spot we went. What I did next totally went against my "I don't ask people for their autographs" rule. I just don't. But this was for Nugget so it was different. Selena Gomez was sitting at a table with a younger girl, probably a sibling or relative of some sort and beside them at another table was her family. All of them getting their nom-noms on with some White Spot burgers. Awkward. She was very nice and signed the back of a notice from Nugget's school, the only piece of paper I could find, and posed for a photo on Rutty's iPhone. I phoned Nugget, who was having lunch with her dad's side of the family and told her. There was a gasp and then shrieks of "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" before I heard her dad tell her to get off the phone. Kill joy. Nugget quickly said "Okay bye, love you" and hung up. Rutty bought a double frame for Nugget to put the autograph and photo in.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pork Chop Sandwiches!

Viking Hat Commission

I've fallen behind on my projects. My current project in the works: I'm knitting a kitty hat for a friend. I got a late start on it because of all the craziness since I finished Penelope. Funny how I can make an entire doll in a week but a simple hat with cat ears is taking me longer.

I have been commissioned to make seven adult viking hats by October. A lovely young lady named Tessa messaged me via Facebook saying that a bunch of people at the studio she works at have been wanting knitted viking hats since they saw pictures of the one I made for George last year. I think I've only met Tessa once and that was at her going away party a few years ago. We've been Friendster friends and now Facebook friends ever since. The part that cracks me up about the whole viking hat order is that they're knitted wool hats for a bunch of people in the Philippines...where the temperature is almost always freaking hot. But who am I to argue? They want viking hats...I'll make 'em some viking hats. I'll probably make one every other week till October, in between the other stuff I want to make. I'm actually pretty excited about this.

Internal House Keeping

I finally finished that cleanse last week. It was all very anti-climactic. Like when the year 2000 came and we didn't have flying cars. I was only supposed to be on it for three months but decided to finish off everyone's left over kits. That ended up being more like four months. Do I feel different? Not really. Do my poops look any different? Nope. I joked about having poops as crystal clear as my pee after four months on a colon cleanse. That would probably freak me out a lot. My morning routine feels a little out of whack though. I got so used to taking the fiber drink and the supplements before breakfast now it feels like I'm forgetting to do something. I also only have to run to the bathroom once in the morning now as opposed to the couple of trips (sometimes more) that were mandatory before heading out to work. I can probably sleep in an extra fifteen minutes every morning now with the time I've saved from not having to go to the bathroom so much.

Mama's Day

On Mothers Day, I got a knock on my bedroom door at 7am. Nugget asked me to get up because she made me breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a bowl of left over vegetable stir fry from two nights before and a glass of water. She literally took the bowl of stir fry out of the fridge, pulled the plastic wrap off and put a fork in it. It was a very sweet gesture but at 7am on a Sunday, the last thing I wanted to do was eat two-day old cold stir fry. My gift was a necklace and a bracelet Nugget made with beads in different shades of blue. I wore the necklace to work today and Nugget was very pleased.

Snippity Snip

We took Hurley to get neutered last Wednesday...finally. Now hopefully he'll calm down a bit. Hearing Nugget yelling "Hurley stop humping!" was only funny the first couple of times. He gets his stitches removed next week. He's been sporting a cone on and off since we brought him home from the vet, poor little fella. We give him a break from the cone when there's someone around to make sure he doesn't lick his stitches so it's not completely horrible. So far he's been pretty good about staying away from his barren land of lost nuts .

Here's my wee Hurley Cone Head.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Last Sunday I immediately started work on an early birthday present for my dear Durka. An amigurumi of her Penelope painting. I was really excited about finishing her that I couldn't wait till Durka's birthday.

She stands about 18" tall.
I'll try to take better photos of her before I give her to Durka.

Little Penelope kept me company a few late nights last week when I couldn't sleep.

Completed May 3, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bye Tito

When I was really young and still living in the Philippines, I used to visit my dad's side of the family quite often with my Tita Laura. We would ride the bus for hours from my mom's town to my dad's town. Whenever I would go on these trips, my mom would give me a white cotton handkerchief to keep in my pocket. I remember they usually had little flowers embroidered on them. I would try my hardest not to lose them because my mom would always look for them when I came home. But half the time they would be missing because my stuff would get washed at my grandma's and my handkerchiefs never made it back. I remember this really frustrated me because I knew it wasn't my fault the handkerchiefs went missing. I have this very vivid memory of this one particular day, me sitting outside of my grandma's house watching my aunt hanging the laundry while talking to some lady and then seeing my handkerchief fall from the clothes line and the lady picking it up from the ground and putting it in her pocket. I was maybe three years old. For some reason I remember the smell in the air that day and every time I catch a whiff of that smell somewhere, which is very rare, it always brings me back to that place and time. If someone were to ask me, what does it smell like? I would have to describe it as the Philippines when I was three years old when that lady took my handkerchief. A couple times last week I caught a whiff of the Philippines when I was three years old when that lady took my handkerchief and it drove me a bit crazy trying to figure out where it was coming from and I couldn’t shake the thoughts of my dad’s town. Then last Friday morning I received an unusually early phone call from my mom bearing bad news. She said "Your Tito Sergio died last night. I think he was hit by a car in the Philippines." I can't remember what my response was. I just remember putting the phone down, walking back to the kitchen and then sobbing while I packed Nugget's lunch and my thoughts went back to my dad’s town.

I barely saw my uncle when he was here. I think the last time I saw him was at Christmas. He spent a good chunk of the year going back and forth from the Philippines so I would maybe see him at a birthday party or some other family function when he was in town. But there was a time when I was younger that I saw him almost every day and he was as much a regular part of the family dynamic as mom and dad. My Tito Sergio was the reason my family was able to come to Canada. He was the one that sponsored us to come here to have a better life and I can't even imagine what my world would be like if it wasn't for him. When I think of Tito Sergio, I think of two specific memories. I remember the flight coming here for the first time. Being in a plane felt weird to me. My mom was very pregnant with my youngest brother and my other two brothers sat with my mom and dad. I sat with Tito Sergio and my Tita Laura. The stewardess thought I was their daughter. I drank banana juice and played with the Hello Kitty purse that the stewardess gave me. It said Japan Airlines on it and for the longest time afterward, it was my most prized possession. I was four years old.

The other memory is probably one of my most favourite. When we were kids our family was quite poor. We knew early on that asking for anything, especially toys was just out of the question. Going to a department store and walking by the toy aisles was just torture. There was this one day when I was about six years old, we were at a store and out of nowhere Tito Sergio asked me what I wanted from the toy department. I remember just looking at him not knowing how to respond because no one had ever really asked me that before. He pointed to the toy aisle with all the dolls and told me to pick out what I wanted. I walked up and down that aisle pondering over doll after doll, not knowing which one to choose and worrying that if I picked one, it would be too expensive. So instead of getting a doll which I really wanted, I chose a yellow plastic vanity play set with a hair brush, hand mirror and fake perfume bottle because I didn’t want him to spend too much. My uncle was so patient, I was standing in that toy aisle for what felt like hours and I handed him that set. He kind of looked confused by what I chose and asked me if I was sure that’s what I wanted, and I nodded. He probably thought I was dumb. But I was stoked that he wanted to buy me whatever I wanted, it didn’t matter.

I’m sad that he’s gone. I’m sad that he was taken from us in such a tragic way. And I’m sad for everyone he left behind. I haven’t been able to sleep much and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the town in the Philippines that I used to visit when I was three years old.

Tito Sergio with Nugget on her first birthday.