Monday, March 23, 2009

Top Secret

I have this annual commitment with Nugget's godmother to create the invites, posters and tickets for her son's private school fundraiser dance. This is my third year volunteering my skills. In return I get tickets for the event for Nugget, Rutty and myself, lots of thanks and probably some prayers from the good Catholic parents and the Principal of the school. Also, they serve hot dogs. Surely that makes up for not going to church anymore, right? Last year the theme was "Back to the Future". I was stoked to wear my prom dress again. The year before that was "So You Think You Can Dance". We didn't make it to that one but I heard it was good times. This year the theme is "Heroes Ball: Celebrating the Super and the Everyday Hero". For the invite I wanted to make it look like an old secret document since they will be put in mini manila envelopes stamped with 'Top Secret'. For the tickets I thought security passes would be cool so I paid homage to the Fifth Element and recreated the (Leeloo Dallas) Multi-Pass. I haven't gotten to the posters yet but this is what I've been busy with for the past few nights. Some information has been blacked out to protect the innocent.

The invite.

The RSVP card that will be attached to the invite with your standard metal paper clip, size large.

The tickets for the adults.

The tickets for the kids.

I provide the high res jpgs, they get them printed. It's a nice break from the usual crafty things involving yarn, booze and cupcakes. Plus it gives me an opportunity to use some of the wicked fonts I've been collecting from the free font sites.

Completed (so far) March 23, 2009

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