Monday, February 16, 2009

My My My, Delilah

A couple of weeks ago, Nugget asked Jubb Jubb if she could teach her how to play guitar. Jubbers said yes and Nugget was excited. For days she kept asking when we were going shopping for her guitar. I kept putting it off to see how serious she was about it. I asked a few people what kind of guitar would be appropriate for a 7 year old who has a penchant for being flaky with her interests. One person suggested an electric guitar because it would be easier on her fingers, another suggested a classical. I priced out both at Tom Lee Music and they were well over what I was willing to spend on something that could potentially end up in her closet beside her little sewing machine and her little knitting machine gathering dust. All these things she HAD to have, and then upon trying, found them challenging and she gave up. It’s a pattern I know too well. I can pretty much predict it when she gets a new gift that requires instructions and practice. It always ends in tears. So while she’s been asking for a guitar, I’ve been telling her that learning to play guitar isn’t instant. It’s going to take practice and it’s going to be frustrating. I’ve been getting the “I KNOOOW” with an eye roll response, which should be enough to make me not want to get her one, but I like to encourage, and foster her interests, within reason of course. So as a Valentine’s gift I gave the Nugget her very own, Nugget-sized guitar and lesson book, purchased at Toys R Us. I contemplated bringing her along so she could pick the one she wanted, but decided to go without her because I didn’t want us coming home with something pink and Hannah Montana. Some choices should not be left up to a 7 year old.

So this is Delilah, Nugget’s new baby. She makes my Clementine look enormous when she’s really quite wee for a guitar. Nugget was thrilled and jumped on the first lesson right away. It was deceptively easy, strumming G on whole notes. And it wasn’t even the G chord that required the use of three fingers; it was the third finger, on the third fret of the first string. Strum the bottom three strings. Easy peasy. She even played a song just strumming G every four beats. Then she tried it with all the songs she wrote. This was very painful. Hurley took cover and hid on the other side of the couch.

Then Lesson 2 happened:D7 and half notes.That was disastrous and as predicted, ended in tears. She complained her fingers hurt and it was too hard, because now she had to use three fingers to hold down three strings instead of one. We were three pages into the Lesson book. Let’s try this again tomorrow.


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