Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Dog

Last week the Nugget got bit by the song-writing bug and wrote eight songs, each one dedicated to someone in her family and each one filled with 7 year old angst, touching on the important issues that a 7 year old faces. Issues like frustration with one's new puppy, frustration with one's grandmother not knowing what one is capable of, separation anxiety with one's mother, and seeing one's father as a hero despite the opinions of others, just to describe a few. The first ballad was called "Love Dog" and was dedicated to our dog, Hurley. She decided she wanted to record it tonight before she went to bed. So without further adieu, I present my Nugget singing "Love Dog" with her love dog, Hurley.

Here are her original lyrics to "Love Dog". And just like one of her favourite singers, Tegan Quin, she forgot the lyrics at the end of the song and mixed them up.

Update: Whoops. This was the take I meant to post.


  1. geesus... she's memorized it all already? I still can't remember the words to songs i've written!! Nice one, Nugget!!

    PS. I love the siren effects in the bg....