Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Day...From Scratch!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the Nugget and I baked and decorated mini chocolate cupcakes from scratch (yes, Scratch!) for her party at school tomorrow. This is an accomplishment for a non-baker such as myself. When Nugget told her dad we were going to bake cupcakes, he automatically assumed we'd be opening a box of cake mix and adding water. Not so! Behold! Cupcakes! From scratch! Made with real eggs and flour that we accurately measured with measuring cups! We even used spatulas! And thus, I am counting this as one of my weekly creations. Did I mention, they're from scratch? I'd actually like to know where that phrase comes from because it sounds weirder the more I type it. From scratch?

So the Nugget was better organized than I this year and finished making all her Valentine cards a month ago. I hadn't taken down the Christmas decorations yet when she started cutting out paper hearts. There was only one Valentine card casualty during the making of her cards and Hurley got a severe scolding for it. How dare he chew up the last paper doily! I on the other hand had big plans to out do the few cards I made last year. This time there would be glitter. But it's not going to happen. It's almost 10PM and I'm still contemplating staying up late to make some... but alas, cutting and pasting lame Valentines greetings now seems like such a frivolous waste of time when three piles of clean laundry have been sitting waiting to be folded on my bed since Sunday. Good thing I'm small and don't need much sleeping room.

Here's the Nugget admiring her handy work.