Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earn Your Keep

Yes, she does dishes. At least she did today. There has been much talk about allowance in the last few days with the Nugget asking why she doesn't get one.

Nugget: "Maya and Isabelle get an allowance. Why can't I get one? Why???"

Me: "I don't know. Do they do chores?"
Nugget: "No. They just get $5 every week from their mom and dad."

Me: "Well I'm only giving you $5 if you do chores. I'm not just going to hand it over for nothing."

Nugget: "Okay. I'll do chores."

Me: "Sweet."

Nugget: "I'll make a list!"

Me: "I'll give you $5 just to clean your room."

Nugget: "No. I'll make my own list."

So last night the Nugget put pencil to paper and came up with her own list of chores she was willing to do for $5.
It was a pretty ambitious list that filled a page and a little bit. Amongst the list of twelve items, my only request for her to clean her room was nowhere to be found.

Me: "Fine. But you have to complete every chore on that list and it has to pass inspection before I give you $5."

Nugget: "Deal. Pinky Promise."

Me: "Sweet. I hold you to that Pinky Promise."

And with our pinkies locked, we sealed the deal.

This morning, I awoke to a very anxious Nugget wearing her apron over her pajamas and a handkerchief around her head. It was 7am. She got a good chunk of the list completed before noon. Then she lost interest.

Checked off on the list:

1. Clean the toilet
2. Wash the dishes

5. Clean the sinks

8. Clean the TV

9. Wipe the black drawers

10. Dust the shelves

She has the rest of the week to complete the list.
A deal's a deal.

*Update. I gave her $5 for the six chores she completed. I'm not THAT mean :)


  1. wow... i would've just cleaned my room...

  2. I know. Me too. She really needs to work on her negotiating skills.