Friday, January 30, 2009

Brain Cozy

Finally a hat that fits Rutty to keep his brain cozy. Blue with grey stripes. Now he's asking for one in burgundy.

Completed January 29th, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Note to Self...

When you eat beets for lunch, you should remember you ate beets for lunch so as not to freak out and think you're internally bleeding. This is particularly traumatizing for a self diagnosed hypochondriac on day 10 of a cleanse.


I started this hat last night from a pattern in the Stitch N' Bitch book. I made the large size to fit Rutty's gigantor noggin'. This is what happens when you're too lazy to make a swatch to test the gauge...heh. It stretches quite a bit so maybe it'll fit. Or maybe I'll just keep this one for me.

Completed January 26th, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Groves" for Maya

The Nugget has been bugging for day
s for me to make a pair of wrist warmers for her best friend at school, Maya. I was trying to get away from making more glovies for a while. You know, mix it up a bit. But she was very persuasive. So here are Maya's fuzzy blue 'groves'. Apparently she made her 'L' upside down on her reminder note.

Completed January 25th, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Out With the Gross.

On top of the whole “let’s be creative and make stuff” challenge for the New Year, I also decided to do the whole “let’s join a gym and get in shape” challenge. It was the next item to check off on my cliché list of things to do, right after start a blog (check!) and do a cleanse (check!). Clearly, I’m on a roll. Take that 2009!

Jubbers and I joined a gym last Monday and according to the ads they play over the intercom, people are 80% more likely to stick to a gym routine if they have a gym buddy. This is a very reassuring stat. After signing all the paper work and forking over the cash, one of the trainers did our body composition. I was very pleased to see that after almost 9 years of not going to the gym, I was 19% body fat. Woot. So on Wednesday when Jubb Jubb and Rutty went to the gym, I skipped out, bought light bulbs and started a blog. It’s okay, I’m 19% body fat. On Saturday we had another appointment at the gym where they took measurements and did another measure of body composition. This time I was 23% body fat, up by 4% in three days. Boourns. I call bullshit. I had another appointment this morning to go through how to use the different machines and suggestions for exercises. Apparently if I want more of a personalized routine, I’d have to pay for a session with a trainer. Already I’m discovering my hatred for cardio. And my gym buddy doesn’t want to go to the gym at 6am. This isn’t looking good for the hero.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us decided to do the DrNatura Colonix cleanse. We ordered the kits online and a few people chose to start right away. I wanted to hold off. There are five of us at work, including our boss, who are doing this cleanse and with the new studio space still under construction, there would only be one good bathroom until the rest of the space was complete. I was told this would be at least a couple of weeks after we moved. Forty sum odd people in the studio with about twenty more starting in the next week or so, and one bathroom. Add the five people on a cleanse…Yikes. I was the only one who hadn’t started and they all assured me that they didn’t feel the need to run to the toilet every few minutes. They didn’t notice an increase in frequency, just the amount that came out. The other difference was they now felt compelled to discuss their poop. Based on this information, I started my cleanse on Saturday. It’s now the end of day 2 and I’m anxious to feel a difference. So far nothing but it’s probably too soon. The DrNatura site boasts an impressive photo gallery of the demon alien babies people have exorcised from their bowels. I want that too. But sadly, I haven’t yet experienced anything that has compelled me to discuss my poop. Don’t worry; I won’t be posting any photos. It doesn’t really qualify as a weekly creative feat. I guess that's debatable.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the Wrist Warmers

Completed January 17th, 2009.
Wrist warmers for Ella's 9th birthday. These have a crocheted trim on the bottom of one and on the top of the other.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not a One Trick Pony

Look! A hat! I finished this cable knit hat last night. Lately I've been making so many items of the hand warming variety I was starting to feel like a one trick pony. And because I'm rarely the recipient of one of my projects, this one's for me. It's a little loose for me but I like it.

Hurley supporting the "making of".

Completed January 15th, 2009.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bloggety Blog Blog Blog....Blog...(blog)

Oh hey. Let's jump on the blog band wagon. OKAY!

I'm not much of a New Year's resolution person because I've noticed that if I decide to do something and it gets called a "resolution" it gets abandoned pretty quickly. Call it a "challenge" and my stubborn nature won't back down, except for maybe when I challenge myself to not to eat chocolate. I'm not really sure why that's so difficult when last year on February 1st, I challenged myself to not buy any new clothes for a year. I'm quite proud to say that I only have 17 days left on this challenge. It's still unbelievable that I managed to last this long. Me, the person who considered going shopping a form of exercise and thus did it every weekend and sometimes midweek, has only 17 days left...and it will officially be a year of no new clothes. First new article of clothing on my 'to buy' list? A pair of jeans. I. Can't. Wait.

With one challenge coming to an end, a new one must take its place. It's like the law or something. You know, cause life isn't enough of a challenge? I'm not really sure why I feel the need to add more to my already heaping plate of stuff to do but anyway, this year's challenge is a creative one. I'm going to try to complete one project of an arts and craft nature every week. And hopefully posting my creative feats will also get me to keep this blog thing up to date. It's been about two weeks. These things seem so old now since these pics have already been posted on Facebook but this is what I've done so far starting from the most recent.

Completed January 11th, 2009: A pair of fuzzy wrist warmers. The answer to the Nugget's request for gloves that are DS player friendly and also allow for a good grip on the monkey bars.

Completed January 9th, 2009. A pair of cozy pink wrist warmers with flowers. A birthday gift for a little girl in Nugget's class.

I kicked off the new year by doing something that didn't involve yarn and knitting needles. This was something I've been wanting to do for months and never got around to doing, combining two of my most favourite things...bacon and vodka. Bacon Vodka!

I bottled this on January 5th, 2009, and gave it to my bosses as a New Year's present. And by New Year's present, I mean a very late Christmas present. Their reaction was something between confused and ewww.